Alarm Clock Pro 11.0.8 macOS

What is Alarm Clock Pro? This is an efficient and easy to use application whose main purpose is to help you organize your daily schedule, preventing you from missing an important meeting or event. Alarm Clock Pro allows even the less experienced to quickly create various alarms that can perform numerous functions, such as adjust the system volume, show an alert, perform or even open a URL address.   Its other functions that can be performed when an alarm rings include playing a multimedia file, pinging a URL, sending an email or a text message and even shutting down your computer. This can also automatically take a screenshot or a webcam shot at a specified moment. It allowing you to set the alarm whenever you need it, Alarm Clock Pro also enables you to create an exclusion list of specific moments.

Easy to use alarm system featuring a user friendly design:

It comes with its own installer which makes the deployment process fairly straightforward. This application places a small menu to your status bar that provides a list with upcoming alarms, and enables you to stop certain actions. Remind that Alarm Clock Pro comes with various windows designed to deal with specific tasks, such as displaying the list of alarms, or the user defined tasks. Though you get to access a time zones calculator, a chronodex, or the stopwatch tool. The Alarm Clock Pro allows you to place any of the built-in clock designs on your desktop, or download new ones from the developer’s website. By this way, you can easily eliminate the need of keeping the system clock in the status bar.

The effortlessly define alarms that will trigger a wide collection of actions:

The Alarm Clock Pro comes with an Alarm Setup Assistant that takes you to all the necessary steps that must be followed when creating a new event. User must set up the alert’s type date, timer, weekly, or hourly, but also the action that will be triggered. It built in action templates range from simply adjusting the system volume, to launching AppleScripts, composing emails, launching iTunes playlists or quitting the player, navigating to a specific URL, and so on. It allows you to define exclusion rules for certain dates.

Versatile alert manager that can automate certain tasks:

The Alarm Clock Pro offers you the possibility to set up custom alerts and trigger appropriate actions automatically. When you have the option to avoid dealing with repetitive tasks, and even improve your overall workflow with minimal effort.

This is really a very interesting application. If you want to use this application download this application by the use of this link which I share in bellow. Hope it will help you a lot. Thanks for being with us.