Easy VPN v1.0 OSX MAC OS

The EasyVPN v1.o for Mac is available as a free download on our software library. This is unique identifier for this app’s bundle is com.squashedsoftware.EasyVPN. It is the most popular versions of the software are 1.5 and 1.0. The Easy Vpn is one of the best proxy tools which help you to unblock the websites and apps within no time. This is an Android tool which is presented to you by the top developers of the Hotspot VPN (Proxy & Security).Mainly this application helps you to unblock the apps.

It is an interface for the standards based VPN Server that is included in Mac OS X. The Apple provides an interface for OS X Server but not for regular OS X. The Easy vpn v1 0 os x mac Unlock the Internet, easy vpn v1 0 os x mac Router VPN download. It is an interface for the standards based VPN Server that is included in Mac OS X. The Apple provides an interface for OS X Server but not for regular OS X. This application provides a similar, yet simple interface to fully configure the VPN Server. Just simply enter the range of IP addresses you wish to use and a shared secret if you’re using L2TP/IPSec. This Add some users and your VPN Server is ready to go. It allows you to add DNS Servers, Search Domains, and even configure Network Routing Definitions to help control how people use your VPN. This includes an integrated log viewer so you can keep an eye on who is using you VPN. Though import or export you list of users. The EasyVPN can import and export comma and tab delimited lists.  Now we can talk what’s new in version 1.6:

  • The OS X Mavericks Support
  • It Improved License Engine
  • It can do UI Fixes

The VPN is the best way to protect your Mac while you browse, stream, and download. When our recommended VPNs are all trustworthy, they are best suited as short-term solutions because of their limitations. Though you’re looking for a long-term solution, we recommend trying a premium, unlimited service like ExpressVPN.

This is important to remember that many free VPNs can’t be trusted. Few don’t work, and others can compromise your security. It may even sell your personal information for profit. There are premium VPNs offer free trials and money-back guarantees. User can take advantage of these to test their service without making a commitment. Though they are also great if you only need a VPN for a short period of time.

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Capture One Pro 12.0.3 Crack for macOS

Hey friend, are you worried about photo designing? Don’t worry. I have a great solution for you. You just wait and see. Do you know about Capture One Pro 12.0.3 Crack for macOS? If you don’t know about this then to know about this software you have to follow me. You just wait and see.

Capture One Pro 12.0.3 Crack is great software for macOS. It is the most useful software for macOS. There are many applications for photo designing but they are not perfect for you. Now the question what is Capture One Pro 12.0.3 Crack for macOS? Now I’m answering this question.

What is Capture One Pro 12.0.3 Crack for macOS?

Capture One Pro 12.0.3 Crack is software which used for editing image as you dream of for macOS. It is the complete image editing software for macOS. It is not an artless software because this software capable of improving a low quality photo. Capture One Pro 12.0.3 Crack is the most powerful and effective software for macOS. It comes with powerful tools to accomplish your desire.
Capture One Pro 12.0.3 Crack works also changing photo for macOS. It is the high quality software. Now you can ask me what the features of Capture One Pro 12.0.3 Crack for macOS? No problems I will give you answer. Now I am writing about features of Capture One Pro 12.0.3 Crack for macOS.

Features of Capture One Pro 12.0.3 Crack for macOS:

• It will offer you precise tools for minimizing distortion and light fall-off.
• This software has full support for a wide range of many popular cameras.
• You can import and export image files.
• This software tethered capture is very fast.
• You can use it very easily.

On the other hand you can think about installation of this software. Please remove your tension. You just follow me.

How to install Capture One Pro 12.0.3 Crack for macOS?

• At first you have to download this software for using.
• Then you have to go to downloads file.
• Now you have to click right button on this application and extract all.
• Then you have to click on this software.
• After clicking you have to click next option one by one.
• Then you have to click install option.
• Finally you have to click finish option.

At last to tell that Capture One Pro 12.0.3 Crack is the excellent software.
So listen to my friend if you want to best result then you have to download this software and install it.
Thank you.

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Qlab Crack

Sketch 54.1 Crack

Qlab 4.4.4 Crack for macOS

Qlab 4.4.4 Crack is audio and video editing software for macOS. It is wonderful editing software. If you think about audio and video editing then you have to download this software. Qlab 4.4.4 Crack is the most powerful and workable software for macOS. 4.4.4 Crack is the best version of Qlab. If you want to get best result then you have to use this software. I think you know that Qlab is one kind of multimedia lab where you will work to create video and audio sequence that could well be a simple photo or MIDI message for the lighting system.

Besides Qlab 4.4.4 Crack is the multimedia controller that allows you to launch live streams of different types, is playing a video through projector for macOS. It provides live show control for dance, composition, installation and more. It provides a powerful audio playback environment.
My friend listen to me Qlab 4.4.4 Crack is software which is most effective and efficient for macOS.

You can think about features of this software. No problem now I’m writing about features of this software.

Features of Qlab 4.4.4 Crack for macOS:

• It supports record cue sequence.
• You can control sound system.
• It allows audio effects and trim.
• You can active and inactive a video or audio very easily.
• Again it supports text option.
• You can control time of video or audio.
On the other hand you can ask me again that how I install it very easily. My dear don’t worry now I’m writing about installation.

How to install Qlab 4.4.4 Crack?

To install this application you have to follow some rules. Wait and see.
• At first you have to go to your favorite browser.
• Secondly you have to download this software.
• Then you have to go to downloads file.
• Now you have to click right button on this software and extract all.
• Then you have to click this software.
• Now you have to sign an agreement.
• After signing agreement you have to click next option one by one.
• Now you have to click install option.
• Finally you have to click finish option.

At last to tell that Qlab 4.4.4 Crack is the best and perfect software for macOS. To get best result download it now. Again Qlab 4.4.4 Crack is the most workable application. By using this software you can control your video or audio in your willingly.
So download it and use it now.
Thank you.

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Phone Clean Pro 5.3.1 serial key for MacOSX

What is Phone Clean pro? This is a user-friendly piece of software developed in order to provide you with an effective means of cleaning up your Apple devices, as well as increasing the performance your iOS. The PhoneClean Pro 2019 Mac enjoys a cleaner, faster and better iPhone, in almost every way. Phone Clean bringing you the hands-free cleaning, in-depth privacy protection, ultimate speed-up and an array of innovative iOS maintaining features, PhoneClean for mac crack comes to elevate your iPhone, iPad experience, even at a whole new scale. This is the most marvelous changes we have made – just for bringing you the utter simplicity and easiness, even for free. This will create an intuitive feeling that your iPhone always gets spick-and-span and runs like new.

Phone clean 5.3.1 License Key Free Download:

The License key is the latest program; it’s used for finds and removes the useless file from apple phone and some smartphone IPod etc. This is consequently, this useless data by application install on your system. By this program removes data mean to say image, audio file, and.  While you install this program then you can increase your system memory and your. It consequently, system speed is very high due to this application is a more latest and new version in the world. This License key which helps us to clean your system safely and delete all unwanted data without any problem of the system. Lastly this program is more fast and easy.

PhoneClean Pro Mac Features:

  1.  Though your iPhone storage is, no doubt, the essence of your productivity.
  2.  It Perhaps the whole part of your mobile life.
  3.  The Worth keeping anything indifferent on your devices.
  4.  It has the ability to find and delete these hidden iOS cached, temporary.
  5.  The PhoneClean knows exactly what are swallowing your iPhone space.
  6.  This will smartly find and list junks based on your iOS version.
  7.  It has no need for you to make any considerations.
  8.  The PhoneClean are hogging your storage and what are safe to cleanup.

Though conducting a cleaning operation, PhoneClean will also create a backup file of all your iPhone or iPad’s contents. Though the event that you lose something important, the application allows you to restore the device and recover all your data. It can prove quite handy for all Apple fans, as it enables you to remove old data from your devices, so you can regain. It increases the reaction speed of your iPhone or iPad.

Alarm Clock Pro 11.0.8 macOS

What is Alarm Clock Pro? This is an efficient and easy to use application whose main purpose is to help you organize your daily schedule, preventing you from missing an important meeting or event. Alarm Clock Pro allows even the less experienced to quickly create various alarms that can perform numerous functions, such as adjust the system volume, show an alert, perform or even open a URL address.   Its other functions that can be performed when an alarm rings include playing a multimedia file, pinging a URL, sending an email or a text message and even shutting down your computer. This can also automatically take a screenshot or a webcam shot at a specified moment. It allowing you to set the alarm whenever you need it, Alarm Clock Pro also enables you to create an exclusion list of specific moments.

Easy to use alarm system featuring a user friendly design:

It comes with its own installer which makes the deployment process fairly straightforward. This application places a small menu to your status bar that provides a list with upcoming alarms, and enables you to stop certain actions. Remind that Alarm Clock Pro comes with various windows designed to deal with specific tasks, such as displaying the list of alarms, or the user defined tasks. Though you get to access a time zones calculator, a chronodex, or the stopwatch tool. The Alarm Clock Pro allows you to place any of the built-in clock designs on your desktop, or download new ones from the developer’s website. By this way, you can easily eliminate the need of keeping the system clock in the status bar.

The effortlessly define alarms that will trigger a wide collection of actions:

The Alarm Clock Pro comes with an Alarm Setup Assistant that takes you to all the necessary steps that must be followed when creating a new event. User must set up the alert’s type date, timer, weekly, or hourly, but also the action that will be triggered. It built in action templates range from simply adjusting the system volume, to launching AppleScripts, composing emails, launching iTunes playlists or quitting the player, navigating to a specific URL, and so on. It allows you to define exclusion rules for certain dates.

Versatile alert manager that can automate certain tasks:

The Alarm Clock Pro offers you the possibility to set up custom alerts and trigger appropriate actions automatically. When you have the option to avoid dealing with repetitive tasks, and even improve your overall workflow with minimal effort.

This is really a very interesting application. If you want to use this application download this application by the use of this link which I share in bellow. Hope it will help you a lot. Thanks for being with us.


Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 Serial code 2019 Latest update [win+ Mac]

Hello friends are you worried about finding Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 Serial code. I would like to inform you that you are in the right place. Before download we need to know about this application. The Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 is the latest version of Microsoft Office which succeeds Microsoft Office 2013.  You know that Microsoft Office 2016 Product Key is the key that will provide you to work with Office 2016 professional plus. When you are using Office 365, you can easily upgrade to Office 2016 using MS Office 2016 Product Key. This is the best and popular software released by Microsoft that has added many programs such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Access, and Microsoft Onenote as well.

What is Microsoft Office 2016 Serial code?

While you will install or activate MS Office 2016, you will be prompted to enter a 25-character Microsoft Office 2016 Product Key. Then your way to find MS Office 2016 Serial Key depends on how you got MS Office 2016.  This can be pre-installed on your device if you got it from an online store, from a physical store, got through a friend or as a student from school.

Updated Features of Microsoft Office 2016:

By this productive suite version of MS Office was released for Mac OS on 9th of July and launched for Microsoft Office for Windows PC on 1st of September 2015 for Office 365 subscribers. The Microsoft Office 2016 is the best software program for both Faculty and Students with working and debugged version to create office documents efficiently. This is released on January 2018; the Microsoft Office 2016 latest version includes an updated version of Excel, Word, OneNote, Outlook, and PowerPoint as well. This is the newly added features and functions in this release work efficiently and quickly. It has also enhanced the Data Loss Protection (DLP) in office application and provided customers to have the ability to access monthly updates for free. For getting benefits of all these features, you need to have Microsoft Office 2016 Product Key, and here it is for Free

The Key Features of MS Office 2016?

The Product Key for Microsoft Office 2016 comes with many exciting features. They are:-

  1.    User can choose several themes of your choice from MS Office 2016
  2.    The Enhancement of new icons due to its software
  3.    By this version of the MS Office program has no issues while processing and the outlook is fascinating
  4.    This is Genuine MS Office 2016 Product Key allows the user to activate the applications of MS office, like MS Office, MS Excel, PowerPoint and many more.

With Microsoft Office 2016 Serial Key, One can activate Office 2016 in PC and get Benefits of all these Features. Hope you all now clear about this application. So use the link which I provide bellow and download this software in your computer and enjoy its amusing feature. You can also share it with your friends so that they also can enjoy these applications features. Thanks for being with us. For more updates stay with us.

Wondershare SafeEraser 3.8.0 Crack 2019 for MacOSX

Hello friends are you searching file sharing software.  Friends Today we talk about very interesting software. Now the question is what is Wondershare SafeEraser 3.8.0 crack? This is a full version and latest update version software that easily erase your data file from your Iphone, Ipad and Imac very much easily.  Users will get a better opportunity to do all works very easy and faster way. This software has many time we are delete something from our pc and Phone those are not remove permanently there for we get many more treble on this section . This makes a very critical problem from our pc and our working activity.This software makes works very easy and securely there for you get a better and best performance works to do. This software provides you well performance and better working software software to do all works easy and faster way to do all easy. This software can remove all in very much permanently on your pc and give you full clean your pc activity and make a better working opportunity to do all works easy and faster way.

The  Full Phone Erase facility therefore no one can recover easily those in your phone and never get any file, photo those you are remove on your phone very much easily. Bellow i will share with you latest update version. The Wondershare SafeEraser 3.8.0 crack full version software to works easy. Now enjoy. This is only for Mac prevent identity theft, destroy confidential information, permanently delete unwanted files and browsing data on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Though you may have noticed that the file download takes longer than removing.  By deleting a file only removes the door to data and marks them as “ready to be overwritten.”Though the truth is that the information remains in memory and can be retrieved by using existing technologies. The SafeEraser protects your data and increases the efficiency of your phone (fully compatible with iOS 7.1.0). Now we are talking about the feature of are Wondershare SafeEraser 3.8.0 crack-

Wondershare SafeEraser 2019 crack Features:

  • Though your phone stores a lot of information about web browsing, messaging, application usage, and more.
  • This is SafeEraser ensures that the data that you do not want to make public, will remain confidential.
  • It is done with the help of the US military data destruction techniques.  Using those techniques the military permanently removes data, your personal information is securely protected and guaranteed power SafeEraser will remain private.
  • It Permanently erase data from your device
  • The tools to easily select individual files permanently delete unnecessary files, while leaving desired.
  • By the time of, exchange or dispose of your phone, just function SafeEraser erasing will protect your phone before you transfer it to another.
  • User can quickly free up valuable space by clearing phone from invalid files, cache, and more.
  • This is freed from temporary and other unnecessary files that hinder the work, you will find that the device operates faster and more efficiently.
  • The Erasing data from the phone / Even deleted files.

You are glad to know that can say that this software is one of the best software in this time. When you are interested to use this software you need to download its crack version. User can also get the link of this software in bellow. This is so simple,Open the link and go to the website of the software and download its free version. This download is cost free, you need not use single penny to download this software. It makes your life so easy and comfortable. Hope you will like it a lot.

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Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate 5.5.1 Crack 2019 for Mac OS X

Hello friends are you worry about converting your videos. Are you finding any best video converter for you Mac.? So I can tell you that you are in the right place. You need to use the link which we share in bellow. Just click on it and you will go to the website of this software then you need tow downloads its free version. Today we are Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate crack for Mac? This is a very capable app for converting video files from one format to another. By using this software you are also able to download, watch, transfer, edit and create all manner of video files from nearly any source you choose. Its interface is easy to navigate; in only a matter of clicks you can begin to transfer and convert files at your leisure.

Though you have the video you want to convert, simply rag it over and then select one of the app’s conversion profiles. Its ranges from simple format swap to total optimization profiles for specific devices, such as Apple’s iPhone 6, for instance. It’s all manner of devices are covered, from smartphones and tablets, through to gaming systems, televisions and set-top boxes. Totally there are over 150 profiles to choose from. The Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate 2019 crack for Mac is a comprehensive video conversion app that really hits the ball out of the park. By this user can convert a wide variety of input formats to almost any output format you need. This also provides a massive collection of optimization profiles for nearly any device you want to transfer your media to as well. The Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Mac OS X more than just a converter!  Just Use this complete all-in-one video toolbox to convert, edit, enhance, download, burn, organize, capture, and play any videos on your Mac. Just one clicks, download a video ultra-fast! It takes advantage of the universal media player, built-in video editor, integrated DVD burner and much more.

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate 2019 Crack Features:

It powered by the exclusive and industry-leading APEXTRANS technology.  The Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate converts videos up to 30X times faster. User will be amazed when you see it in action.

  1. It’s No matter what devices you have or file formats.
  2. The Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate supports ZERO quality loss.
  3. The Video Converter Ultimate wireless transfer! Simply scan and send.
  4. It Downloaded videos will magically be transferred on to your Apple.
  5. It Convert your DVDs to any video format that suits your portable device.
  6. It’s your favorite homemade videos into personalized DVDs.
  7. The Elevate your video entertainment experience to the next level.
  8. Just One Click Online Video Downloader converts them for playback.
  9. User can transform your videos into a masterpiece with just a few clicks.
  10. Now download online videos directly from save them on your computer.
  11. The YouTube and other popular sites in just one click.
  12. The Wondershare a set of powerful, easy-to-use editing tools.

What’s New in Version 5.5.1 ??

Just Add Media Server function, which supports to stream video/audio to Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, Xbox, PS3, XBMC, Smart TV and all other DLNA/Upnp-supported Devices. Didn’t  say that this software is one of the best software in this time. If you want use this software you need to download its crack version, you can also get the link of this software in bellow. Only Open the link and go to the website of the software and download its free version.Its download is cost free. Not only makes your life so easy and comfortable. Hope you will like it a lot.

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Sketch 40.1 Cracks for Mac OS X

What are Sketch 40.1 cracks? This is amusing software in recent time for Mac user. It helps to do Graphic design for a digital world.  If you are searching this software you are in the right away? This is a Powerful tools and an elegant interface, in a single award-winning package. By the reason it making beautiful things should be a joy, not a burden. The smart pixel alignment; and makes exporting a breeze with automatic slicing and multiple resolution export. The Vector tools and basic shapes are the foundation; whether you are designing icons, websites, interfaces or anything else. you can sketch and make your works easy and faster way to do all 3D works easy and better way with best Facility. we are works for you and your Software to make this one best performance. The ketch doesn’t just do shapes, of course. It Imported images can be rotated, scaled, cropped and masked.  This software lets you add beautiful typography to your designs, using native font rendering, though you can be sure that text always looks 100% accurate! Its Brand new to Sketch 3, Symbols allows you to reuse entire groups of content in multiple places in your design. Just think of interface elements such as buttons, headers and footers. It can Change them once, and they update everywhere in your document. It Built for the Mac, Sketch supports OS X Versions and Auto Save, letting you focus on your work instead of hitting CMD+S. It Keep your work safely in sync across multiple Mac computers with iCloud. It takes Sketch full screen to maximize the size of your canvas. By all this power is deliciously baked into Sketch’s single-window interface. All is there, tucked away until you need it. It has simple interface with powerful tools. With this tool everything is possible.


  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.10 or later

Conclusion: After knowing all those feature we can say that this software is one of the best software in this time. If you want use this software you need to download its crack version, you can also get the link of this software in bellow.  User need to Open the link and go to the website of the software and download its free version. By installing you didn’t have use a single penny to download this software. It makes your life so easy and comfortable. Hope you will like it a lot.

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Capture One Pro Crack 2019 for Mac OS X

What is Capture One Pro 9? The Professional Choice in Imaging Software. we are very much happy that you are here from download Capture One pro 2019 Crack easy. You can download anything and make all works easy and faster way.

Professional photo editing app:

Its comes with a powerful RAW image converter capable to render precise colors and display even the smallest details. Though you can deliver high quality images with great color and fine detail from various Darla’s RAW files. Its raw processing engine is accompanied by tailor-made camera profiles designed to bring out the best in your camera. User can even take pictures at higher ISO values and reduce the noise in post production.

Photo cataloger:

It enables you to manage and organize your pictures using custom catalogs, with advanced asset management and intuitive virtual organization. User can open multiple catalogs at the same time and share them with your clients. Lots of Thanks to the instant tether capture feature, you can take pictures directly from within Capture One. It allows you to quickly apply styles, compose your image and change the shooting settings.

Customizable user interface:

It helps you personalize your workspace and improve your workflow by using different workspaces according to the tasks you need to complete. User can use the Library tools to gain access to images stored in your Albums, Smart Albums and Favorites. Though you can manually sort images according to the desired criteria, create smart albums and catalog your work. User can use the search and filtering tools to further refine your search and find the desired images.

File naming and metadata editing:

With Metadata tools you can read, updated and edit the information and even narrow your image search using metadata criteria. This built-in renaming tool help you create custom, token-based naming systems. Its Users just have to define your own text and tokens naming pattern and apply it to multiple photos. It mentioned tools and features, Capture One helps you adjust and enhance your images, change their exposure and clarity. At the time you are happy with your changes you can create slideshows, web galleries or output your pictures in professional-looking print layouts.


  • –It Revised contrast engine Changes have been made to the algorithms of color, saturation and contrast.  Its color editor has been revised to align design with the color balance tool. Its Handles are made easier to use and adjust, and the tool is now scalable when undocked.
  • – It Masks from color editor the color editor now allows the user to make a mask from a color edit.
  • – The New Brush pack a Tool changes include the addition of flow, airbrush, straight line brushing, and the ability to link brushes.
  • –Its Luma curves and local curves an added to the curve tool palette, Luma curves can be used to create contrast curves without affecting saturation. It also curves can be used locally.
  • – By this new tool can be placed on the toolbar where it gives a power supply overview to the attached tethered camera, warning photographers of low power during a shoot.
  • – The Export EIP for catalogs Catalog users can now benefit from EIP export for easy transportation of RAW and Settings, off system.  Though the Export originals panel, there is now an option to Export as EIP. It creates a workflow in which the original RAW and adjustments are not pack an instead a copy is made, packed as EIP.
  • –This application allows Capture One Pro to treat and display supported camera files that have been converted to DNG, as if in their original format.


  • – The Keywords Tool Keywords may be added and removed from images. It standard Capture One tool tips for local reset, local copy apply, pre-sets and help are available for this tool.
  • –The Keyword Libraries a used to manage the list (or lists) of keywords in a catalog or a session. Though the Keywords tool adds keywords to images, the document Keyword Library is populated. Its forms a keyword list for any and all terms in the current document and is unique for the session or the catalog.
  • – The Sortable Keywords a Unique to Capture One Pro 9, users are able to reorder keywords in the Keywords tool for single image selections.

What’s new 9.2

New camera support includes:

  • – Pentax K-1
  • – Nikon D500
  • – Canon EOS M10
  • – Canon G5x
  • – Canon G7x MkII
  • – Canon G9x

This is a very interesting software. If you want use this software you need to download its crack version, you can also get the link of this software in bellow. For installing  you need to Open the link and go to the website of the software and download its free version. If you are want to download this application didn’t have use a single penny to download this software. It not only makes your work easier, But also it  makes your life so easy and comfortable. Hope you will like it a lot.